Energy From Waste

Power Generation from Biogas Using ISET Process   

Indian Institute of Science Sulfur Extraction Technology ISET       


            Industrialization and urbanization of the society in the present world has increased the levels of pollution in all the three sectors, land, air and water due to the wastes generated. Proper treatment and disposal of the same in order to prevent the damage to the natural resources and the environment is being recognized and pursued at various degrees of seriousness around the world. Different methods are in vogue depending on the type of waste, whether it is biodegradable or non-biodegradable.

One of the most common and effective way of treating the biodegradable matter is anaerobic digestion and is infact part of most of the distillery effluent treatment plants and sewage treatment plants. Biogas the product of anaerobic digestion is a mixture of Methane, Carbon dioxide and Hydrogen sulfide. The composition of biogas is mainly Methane, CH4, (55-65 %), Carbon dioxide, CO2, (30 - 40 %) and hydrogen sulfide, H2S, (0 - 6 %) depending on the type of waste and the temperature of the digester used. The calorific value of biogas is around 24 – 28 MJ/ m3 (depending on the CH4 content in the gas) and is a potential and efficient fuel source for power generation using IC engines, if the hydrogen sulfide is removed from it.

Indian Institute of Science Sulfur Extraction Technology ISET (PDF)

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