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    Sandeep Kumar


    Hydrogen from Biomass gasification: Experiments and modelling

    Education qualification: B.Tech. (Mechanical Engineering), National Institute of Technology Silchar

    Area of research:

    • Experimental investigation of oxy-steam biomass gasification towards H2 production.
    • Modeling of the biomass gasification in a packed bed downdraft gasifier configuration

    Research interest: Biomass gasification, Combustion, Energy conservation and Renewable energy planning and policies.


    • Sandeep K, Dasappa S. Oxy–steam gasification of biomass for hydrogen rich syngas production using downdraft reactor configuration. International Journal of Energy Research. 38, 2014, 174–188.
    • Sandeep K, SneheshS, S Dasappa. Carbon dioxide capture through biomass gasification. Proceedings of the 19th European Biomass conference and Exhibition. 6-10 June 2011, Berlin, Germany (1127-1133).
    • Hydrogen generation through Biomass gasification.World Hydrogen Technology Conference (WHTC), New Delhi, India, 2009 .
    • Sandeep K, Dasappa S. First and second law thermodynamic analysis of air and oxy-steam biomass gasification. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.2014:39(34): 19474–19484
    Contact: Centre for Sustainable Technologies,
    Indian Institute of Science
    E-mail ID: sandeepk@cgpl.iisc.ernet.in , sandeep.kr.prasad@gmail.com