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    Dr. Monikankana Sharma

    UGC Post Doctoral fellow

    Education qualification: B.E (Mechanical Engineering), Assam Engineering College.
    M.Tech (Energy Technology), Tezpur University.
    PhD: IIT Guwahati

    Area of research:

    • M.Tech: Development and performance analysis of an agro-residue based solid fuel block for cooking.
    • PhD: Development and performance analysis of a pressurised kerosene stove working on ceramic porous burner.
    • Current research: Experimental investigation on co-gasification of coal and biomass, performance analysis of solid oxide fuel cell fuelled with producer gas

    Research interest: Combustion, gasification, fuel cell, energy management, energy policy.


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    Contact: Centre for Sustainable Technologies,
    Indian Institute of Science
    E-mail ID: m.sharma@cgpl.iisc.ernet.in ; mksharma21@gmail.com