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Sagar Ranjan Panda

PhD Scholar

Curriculum Vitae


Bio: Sagar’s interest in fluid mechanics and combustion led him to pursue fundamental research and PhD in the field. He is currently working on the “Adaptation and characterization of ATF (Aviation Turbine Fuel) gas turbine combustor for alternative fuel operation” at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, under the supervision of Prof. S. Dasappa. Sagar’s research mainly focuses on designing and optimizing the conventional gas turbine combustor to be operated on bio-derived alternative fuels (Producer gas and hydrogen-rich Syngas). He has designed an experimental setup to carry out the ex-situ analysis and understand the fluid flow behaviour and combustion performance of the alternative fuels in a gas turbine combustor. For numerical study of the combustion performance, he has developed skeletal and reduced kinetic mechanisms for theoretical evaluation of the species concentration, temperature, and velocity profile of producer gas and Syngas in a conventional gas turbine combustor. The outcome of the work has resulted in a published journal article titled “Generation of skeletal and reduced reaction mechanisms for bio-derived syngas generated from biomass gasification–Experimental and numerical approach” in the International Journal of Hydrogen Energy. Overall, this work involving numerical, and experiments has yielded useful results and guidelines in terms of adapting Producer gas and Syngas as a fuel in gas turbine combustor for power generation purpose.