Combustion Gasification & Propulsion Laboratory (CGPL)

Interdisciplinary Centre For Energy Research (ICER)
Indian Institute Of Science



Dr. Ravi Kumar Dhavaleswarapu

Research Associate

PhD - Sustainable Technology

Curriculum Vitae


Bio: A doctoral graduate from CST, IISc, with a focus on biological conversion of biomass/solid waste to bioenergy. Currently a Research associate at CGPL, IISc. An avid reader, with a wide and multi perspective thinking, and love for thought experiments. Believes in tinkering and thinkering. For the doctoral thesis, his work involved understanding the factors playing a crucial role in biogas production. The work helped identify the sub-components that have a major role to play in the biogas extent and rate of gas production. The role of lignin, differences in their structures were studied. A priori biogas prediction from the composition of the biomass was arrived at using a clustering algorithm. The work also involved evaluation of pretreatment methods based on mass balance approach. As a research assistant during the doctoral studies he was involved in the biomass estimation of two villages in Karnataka to assess biogas potential from the available biomass. Water being a critical resource and judicious use a necessity, Ravi works on the wastewater treatment of gasifier wastewater. The gasifier wastewater has three main issues: of high suspended solids, dissolved solids, and aromatic compounds. His work involves evaluation of different chemical methods of treatment, final method of treatment and development of treatment protocol. Identification of the aromatics in wastewater and methods to valorize/ degrade the identified aromatics is a major part of his current research