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Dr. Anand M Shivapuji

Senior Research Scientist

PhD - Non-regular fuels in ICE

Curriculum Vitae


Bio: A highly motivated individual, passionate about research with over twenty years of rich academic, industrial and research experience. Dr. Shivapuji's experience has enabled him to create a challenging and thought-provoking environment enabling the evolution of elegant but simple non-intrusive solutions, to complex practical problems. His core interest is in the field of generation of bio-derived chemicals like bio-Hydrogen, bio-Syngas, bio-Methanol etc and their utilization in energy conversion systems like Fuel Cells and Internal combustion Engines. Prognostics and Health Management of thermal systems in general and fuel cells, in particular, is the key focus emerging field of interest. Anand's current employment is with the thermo-chemical group at the Center for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science as a Senior Research Scientist. The position mandates handling a range of sponsored and consultancy projects, interaction with research students and engaging academic sessions. As a part of the core team, Dr. Shivapuji has first-hand experience in submitting and defending a range of proposals with government agencies like DST, MNRE, DBT and private organizations like TATA Motors, Cummins Ltd etc. He is also active in corporate and academic training on tools like OpenFOAM, CHEMKIN, PYTHON etc. Anand is a strong believer in open source philosophy, he has developed and continues to host the website, a non-commercial online platform addressing thermodynamic and fluid-dynamic aspects. A range of online tools, numerical codes and fundamental concept discussions in white papers and presentations are hosted on the website and the site continues to evolve with time.